The New Popular Dance to Tarantarte Company directed by Maristella Martella

There is a country where dancing does miracles.
At the heart of Salento, we discover an ancient ritual approached by choreographic work of Maristella Martella
Rocked by the music of Officina Salento, popular tradition and mythology blend in a natural setting, carrying us though a dream of tarantism.
Passo a Sud is a performance made by dance, music and images, inspired to the dance of Pizzica and the phenomenon of Tarantismo in Salento area.
This is an experimental performance created thanks to the meeting among: the musical research made by Officina Zoé, the musical experimentations between tradition and “cultured” music made by Dondestan, the image tale of the stoned-landscape in the south Salento made by Azzurra Lugari, the New Popular Dance to Tarantarte Company, directed by Maristella Martella, which goes through a choreographic and theatrical research on south-italian dances and their presentation on the stage.
The choreographer Maristella Martella creates, dreams and mixes past and present, classic and contemporary, popular south-italian elements and mediterranean elements. In her research, she studies and includes Tarantism and the mysterious magic of trance.
Chorality and the expressive force of popular dance are presented in an original and contemporary choreographic interpretation, in order to create a new all-feminine choreographic and visionary image.

Maristella Martella

Maristella Martella
Silvia De Ronzo
Emanuela Rozzo
Laura De Ronzo
Antonella Boccadamo

Cinzia Marzo: voice, tamburin
Donatello Pisanello: accordeon, electric guitar
Angelo Urso: double bass
Lamberto Probo: frame percussions