Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rachele Andrioli is one of the most interesting Apulian voices whose popularity is growing as well as in Italy and abroad, as testified by the participation to prestigious festivals of world music, jazz and classical, and her collaboration with important international artists, such as Arto Lindsay, Piers Faccini, Baba Sissoko, Roopa Mahadevan. Her research work is focused on the development of the voice , according to traditional styles using innovative techniques. Rachele starts from the popular Apulian repertoire to skillfully blend it with other musical worlds. During her live shows, she accompanies her voice with tambourines, harmonic flutes, harps, string instruments and electronics. She is also committed to the development of polyphonic singing, running workshops both in Italy and abroad.

In her concert “Leuca”, Rachele Andrioli play on stage alone. Thanks to the voice, instruments
such as the harp, frame drums, strings, the harmonic flute, and the skilful use of more innovative machines such as the loop station, Rachele Andrioli evokes ancestral rituals, which kidnap the viewer, taking him to another place, full of suggestions and colors.
Rachele proposes the songs of her most recent album and that special repertoire of borderland songs where the creative polyphony seems to spring directly from these extreme places, staging an unexpected, urgent, lively Salento. Leuca is the key word, the gesture that directs, the gaze that looks inside, a continuous search in one’s own land.
The show is a synthesis of innovation and tradition. It is a tribute to popular music and the Mediterranean,to the most distant influences and to her voice as the only flag, using the end of her homeland, the Capo di Leuca, as a starting point.

Rachele is the founder of the female choir “Coro a Coro”, which welcomes women from Salento (south Apulia). It’s a workshop but also a live concert.
Coro a coro is a constantly evolving polyphonic singing workshop for women who love to sing, conceived and directed by Rachele Andrioli. This choir wants to promote the concept of gender and multiculturalism, the practice of singing, the deepening of popular music and authorship from around the world.
Inside the laboratory the charm of polyphony is manifested, notions of vocal technique are acquired, the therapeutic power of singing is discovered. We seek sharing, understanding of the different languages and traditions of the world, the concept of inclusion and tolerance. It is a need for communication through the voice of ancient and current stories belonging to a constantly changing world.
The laboratory is aimed at inclusion, celebration, ritual and healing through the voice, thus becoming a tool that aims beyond the ordinary horizon.In an era characterized by fear, uncertainty and apathy, Coro a coro wants to be a small embankment where music builds bridges, welcomes and soothes.
Coro a Coro is a feminine mixture of culture and entertainment.

Rachele Andrioli est une des artistes les plus reconnues et originales de la nouvelle génération de musiciens issues de la région des Pouilles dans le sud de l’Italie. Chanteuse, auteur compositrice et multi instrumentiste, elle s’accompagne en concert aux tambourins, flûtes et avec divers instruments à cordes.

Elle se passionne pour les traditions vocales et rythmiques de sa région le Salento et explore à travers ses recherches, le dialogue musicale avec d’autres cultures.

Encrée dans les traditions mais cherchant toujours la voie innovatrice, sa voix singulière l’a vu collaborer avec de nombreux artistes internationales comme Arto Lindsay, Piers Faccini, Baba Sissoko et Roopa Mahadevan.

Elle se passionne pour les traditions polyphoniques, donnant de nombreux ateliers autour de la voix et a fondé le cœur de femmes de la région des Pouilles, Coro a Coro.

Elle a publié trois albums avec l’accordéoniste Rocco Nigro et en 2022 publie “Leuca” son premier album solo.

Te spettu

Fimmana de mare

Tiny Desk

Coro a Coro

Coro a Coro