Re Niliu is one of the pioneers of world music in Italy. Founded in 1979, the band returned with a new album after twenty years of silence. Re Niliu stands out for his electroacoustic sound that crosses the oldest instruments of South Italy with a refined and polychrome rock. In 2015 has been published “In a Cosmic Ear”, a visionary album in which ancient voices, lira, bagpipes seek balance with a contemporary sound in music and lyrics.
Four historical band members  have decided to re­establish the band that stopped the way in 2001. Other new shipmates were added. The dream of a cosmic Calabria, between ancestral roots, migration and global soup, give to the Re Niliu music that boost unmistakable that made famous the band during the years.

Line up:
Ettore Castagna: lira, voice, electric guitar, bagpipe
Micu Corapi: voice, chitarra battente
Salvatore Megna: voice, zucu, chitarra battente
Mimmo Mellace: drums
Gianpiero Nitti: diatonic accordeon, keyboards, voice
Giuseppe Ranieri: pipita, bagpipe
Enzo Tropepe: bass
Teresa Mascianà: sound engineer